Panasonic Appliances

Game Changer Catapult


In order to open up the future of consumer electronics, and innovative ideas beyond existing manufacturing methods, we worked with Panasonic Appliances Company on the creation of new businesses centered on consumer electronics. Simultaneously through the project, we aimed for human resource development within the corporation.


Under the theme of “Game Change”, we aimed to co-create new businesses outside of pre-existing business areas within Panasonic Appliances Company. This type of project was the first for the employees, and it also featured open innovation with outside parties.


Several ideas were born from the "Game Changer Catapult" program. Through its mentoring, the program supported the business model design and prototyping brush-up of each idea, allowing each idea to be presented to the world in order to seek feedback. Five ideas were born from the "Game Changer Catapult" program.