Panasonic AIS Mechatronics

eny home


Panasonic AIS Electromechanical Control Business Div. chose us as a partner to transform its business from selling hardware to providing services, by leveraging their proprietary energy harvesting technologies.


A joint project with QUANTUM was set up. The Panasonic AIS engineering team worked together with QUANTUM's engineers, designers, strategists and marketers to deepen understanding of the technologies they had. Through the process, numerous business models and product concepts arose. One of them was the battery less smart button "eny - connect anything". We went lean. Prototypes were created over a short 3 month period. As a way to mine for potential business partners and to obtain feedback from early adopters, Panasonic AIS and QUANTUM exhibit them at SXSW in March 2016.


QUANTUM\GLOBAL launched “eny home” in June 2017 in the San Francisco Bay Area. "eny home" is a smart home automation service to help you MAKE EVERYDAY SIMPLE. Switching on and off multiple room lightings. Letting your robot cleaner work. Brew a fresh cup of coffee. Opening and closing curtains. Your daily life is full of routines. "eny home" automates them for you with a tap of a button. You don’t need to choose and buy devices, even set all things up by yourself. We’ll do it. Based on our trials, you can skip your everyday routines, which could be equivalent to around 40 hours over a year. That means your entire work week could be automated. "eny home" is offered for an all inclusive monthly fee of only $24.99 (Now $19.99 for early birds) – including multiple smart device installations, set up, and lease fees.