The need for Japanese people to be more adept in English communicative ability is ever increasing. The days are gone when a rudimentary knowledge of “textbook English” was enough to get by in Japan; more real/daily life situations and the language questions that may arise. However, how often do people living in Japan have a chance to use English in their everyday lives? Particularly with native English speakers? People may go to English language schools, but the amount of lessons are limited in numbers every month, meaning there is actually little “speaking time”. Sadly, this means that actual language mastery doesn’t improve, despite the efforts put into learning.


Supported entry to the Japanese market of Cambly, a Y Combinator grad and one of the fastest growing English education companies in the world, with a strong presence in Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Today Cambly serves students from 130+ countries, helping over a million students on their journey towards their English language goals.


\QUANTUM, together with Cambly, is here to disrupt the market in Japan, and contribute to the growth of English-savvy, globally- talented people from Japan. Users in Japan will be able to speak with native speakers at any time of the day as they wish, via the Cambly online service.