Basic Policy on the Handling of Personal Information

QUANTUM Inc. appropriately handles personal information that it collects, personal information that it has received from customers, agencies and partner companies, and personal information of officers and employees of QUANTUM Inc. and its affiliates in compliance with laws, industry standards, internal rules and other such criteria.

Personal Information Handled by QUANTUM Inc.

Although QUANTUM Inc. assumes that personal information will be handled that is processed statistically, there are cases, such as those indicated below, where information is handled in a manner that may allow for identification of an individual.

Information collected through various research and development as well as survey activities, such as questionnaire surveys or group interviews, that may enable an individual to be identified.
Information about promotional campaign applicants and others that has been received from customers or agencies that may enable an individual to be identified
Personal information concerning online memberships or organizations administered by QUANTUM Inc.
Other information collected during QUANTUM Inc.’s business that may enable an individual to be identified
Personal information about officers and employees of QUANTUM Inc., its affiliates and partner companies that are engaged in opera tions together with QUANTUM Inc.

Basic Principles for Protection of Personal Information

For the handling of personal information, QUANTUM Inc. clearly defines the following basic principles and observes these.

1. Observance of Relevant Laws, Regulations, etc.

QUANTUM Inc. shall observe laws, regulations, ordinances, contracts, internal rules and other standards related to personal information.

2. Appropriate Acquisition and Use of Personal Information from Individuals

When acquiring personal information from a person, QUANTUM Inc. shall explain in advance the purpose of such use, existence of any possibility that such information may be provided to a third party, and the purpose in such cases. Also, in cases where there is a change in the purpose for using such information or the party to which such information is provided, QUANTUM Inc. shall inform the person of such matters, and, when consent for such use is not received, QUANTUM Inc. shall limit the use of such information to within the scope to which consent has been obtained. If notice is received refusing the use of all or part of the information, QUANTUM Inc. shall comply with such notice. Also, QUANTUM Inc. shall strive to ensure the accuracy of information, and, if there is a request for disclosure, correction or deletion, QUANTUM Inc. shall comply with such request.

3. Verification of the Appropriateness of Personal Information Received in the Course of Transactions, Its Appropriate Use and Safe Management

QUANTUM Inc. shall verify the methods for acquisition and authorized scope of use for personal information received from customers and agencies that QUANTUM Inc. receives in the course of business, and QUANTUM Inc. shall appropriately use such information in accordance with the client’s requests and QUANTUM Inc.'s own internal rules.

4. Training of Officers and Employees

QUANTUM Inc. shall periodically conduct educational activities for its officers and employees to enable them to understand the importance of protecting personal information, lawful requests, management systems, handling rules, and measures in cases of such violation, and shall promote the appropriate handling of personal information and compliance with various regulations and rules.

5. Establishment of System for Managing the Handling of Information

QUANTUM Inc. shall clarify its internal management and responsibility system, and select a person responsible for managing personal information in order to protect personal information.

6. Clarification of the Handling of Information

QUANTUM Inc. shall prescribe rules so that personal information is safely and appropriately handled, including the viewing, usage, storage, destruction, return and other handling of personal information, and shall observe these rules under the auspices of the person responsible for such management.

7. Measures for Countering Unauthorized Access

QUANTUM Inc. shall appropriately construct an information system, information management system, and other policies to prevent the theft, loss, alteration or destruction of personal information due to unauthorized access.

8. Assuring Safety When Consigning Information Processing

In cases where the processing of personal information is entrusted to an external entity, QUANTUM Inc. shall select an outsourcing contractor that has been verified to ensure the safe management of information in accordance with QUANTUM Inc.'s internal rules, and shall appropriately supervise such outsourcing contractor.

9. Establishment of Immediate Response System for Times When Issues Arise

QUANTUM Inc. shall construct an organizational system that will accurately ascertain the situation without delay when an issue arises, and execute the appropriate determinations and responses.

10. Continuous Improvement

QUANTUM Inc. shall continuously make various improvements in keeping with changes in the external environment and through monitoring of the information management status.

Terms of Use

This website is administered and operated by QUANTUM Inc. Please use this website after having agreed to the following terms.

1. Copyrights

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3. Website Inquiries

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3. QUANTUM Inc. may suspend or discontinue without prior notice operation of the website.

4. Links

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3. QUANTUM Inc. does not accept the following links or links that may correspond to the following.
・ Links from websites that slander or defame QUANTUM Inc., its affiliates or their directors or employees
・ Links from websites that violate public order or morality or other websites that compromise QUANTUM Inc.’s credibility or dignity
・ Framelinks or other links in a form where the transparency of QUANTUM Inc.'s website is compromised
・ Links that lead to the misidentification that there is some sort of partnership or cooperative relationship with QUANTUM Inc., or that lead to the misimpression that QUANTUM Inc. acknowledges or supports the website to which the link leads
・ Other links that QUANTUM Inc. determines to be inappropriate

4. With respect to links specified in the aforementioned numeral (3), QUANTUM Inc. may request the deletion of such links even though QUANTUM Inc. once granted such authorization.

5. Proposals for Ideas, etc.

QUANTUM Inc. conducts its own research and development, planning, strategic formulations and other such activities with respect to advertising and communication. In principle, QUANTUM Inc. does not accept ideas from the general public about new technologies, designs, advertising, marketing or other such matters as well as memos, drawings, concepts or other proposals with the exception of cases where QUANTUM Inc. has given official notice that such items are solicited from the general public. Notwithstanding QUANTUM Inc.'s aforementioned policy, even if a proposal is received, QUANTUM Inc. shall regard ideas forwarded by customers as having been forwarded by the customer with the understanding of the following points. Please note the following beforehand.
・ With respect to forwarded ideas, etc., QUANTUM Inc. shall assume no obligation of confidentiality
・ With respect to forwarded ideas, etc., QUANTUM Inc. assumes no obligation to review, assess, adopt or otherwise act on such ideas, etc.
・ Even if products, services or other items, which are similar or partially or completely identical to any forwarded ideas, etc., are an nounced or released by QUANTUM Inc., QUANTUM Inc. shall assume no responsibility whatsoever for payment of consideration or other such liability to the customer that forwarded the idea, etc. or any other third party.
・ QUANTUM Inc. may freely use any forwarded ideas, etc. In addition, with respect to these ideas, etc., copyright or any other sort of rights or obligations may not be exercised.

6. Software Downloads

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7. Website Inquiries

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